Let's start it this way

About me

I am Jack Wu, come from Beijing, China.

I have been in New Zealand for 7 years, did my Master Degree of Information Science at Otago University, contributed to a number of projects ranging from Stock market information system, Energy information/trading system, Livestock accounting SaaS, to Geolocation Information App on Mobile.

I am that kind of individual who live the dream, and make a different.


Bachelor Degree of Computer Science SCAU Uni


Java Developer


Figured, Senior Developer


NZX, Senior Developer (Energy Dpt)


Master of Information Science Otago Uni


NZX, Ruby on Rails Analyist


ThunderMaps, Senior Developer (Mobile and RoR)

Full stack Web development

Frontend Development
  • Experienced in Frontend MVCs, Angular, React, BackboneJS.
  • Experienced in implementing sophisticated Charts WITS Dashboard.
  • Experienced in Data Visualization.
  • Experienced in Google Map, Mapbox integrations.
  • Experienced in CSS, SCSS.
  • Experienced in Gulp build script.
  • Experienced in implementing Responsive Design .
  • Experienced in implementing SPA.
Backend Development
  • Experienced in Ruby / Rails.
  • Experienced in bootstrping JSON API.
  • Experienced in optimizing caching efficiency.
  • Experienced in tweaking complex Database Query (PostgreSQL, Oracle).
  • Depth knowledge of Networking security And Application security.
  • Depth knowledge of Software Engineering, Agile methods, MVC, OOA, TDD.
  • Experienced in managing deployment. a side project of me: capsitrano-scm-gitcopy
  • Experienced in Heroku.
  • Experienced in GIS - location based query and service (PostGIS).
  • Experienced in RSpec, Cucumber.
  • Experienced in designing and implementing enterprise-level authentication & authentication system.

Mobile Development

  • Divide and conquer - implementing complex algorithms from scratch eg: DB4, Haar Wavelet Transform, FFT Transform, SVM Classifier and KNN Classifier
  • Experienced in HTML5 Mobile App development.
  • Experienced in Cordova development.
  • Experienced in Java and Android development.

Advanced understanding of Computer Science

  • Depth knowledge of Parallel Computing, Concurrent Programming and GPGPU Programming
  • Depth knowledge of Exact String Matching
  • Knowledge of AI, Data mining
  • Experienced in C, OpenCL GPGPU framework